Make-Believe That Builds Self-Belief

Our fun, engaging content gives parents a simple but powerful way of raising children to have a mindset that helps them choose optimism overcome negativity and develop unshakable confidence in all they are capable of.

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What we’re all about.

We are positive belief builders. It is our mission to teach a growth mindset from an early age, so parents can raise kids who grow up believing they have limitless potential. Limitless Children’s fun, engaging stories inspire kids to dream it, believe it and become it.



Imagine….How far they can go, when they believe they have the power to make it so. The stories we tell ourselves shape who we become. Imagine how different life would be if every child grew up knowing they could accomplish anything they set their minds to. We help children to turn “Make – Believe into Self – Belief.
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Does this sound familiar?

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Lack of
Quality Content

Not enough age-appropriate content focused on empowering, uplifting or inspiring children.

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Unsure How
to Begin

You want to give your child the very best start but you feel unsure about when and how to

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Am I doing it right? Could I have done it better? What if I pass on my limiting beliefs to my child?

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How do I help protect my child from negative influences that may lower their self-esteem?

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Children Become What They Believe About Themselves

We all want our children to be happy, make good choices and feel good about themselves. From day one, they are forming beliefs about who they are, what they are capable of, how they view their world and the power they have to shape it. The stories our children listen to and tell themselves about their worth and ability become their reality.

We’re rewriting the narrative with empowering, fun, engaging stories to help uplift and inspire children to believe in their limitless potential.  

Introducing Limitless Children

The first app designed to help children develop positive foundational beliefs to empower them to choose optimism, overcome negativity and use the power they hold in their own mind to create the life they envision.

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Make-Believe That
Builds Self-Belief.

The stories we tell ourselves shape who we become. Empowering a child to believe in themselves is the best gift you could give a child.

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Unleash the incredible power your child holds within through delightful, engaging stories.

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Our thoughts shape our reality. Help your child to harness the power of their minds.

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Positive Development

The stories we listen to shape our perception of our experiences.

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Mindful Empowerment

Helping to form positive foundational beliefs that will directly impact their confidence, self-esteem, and self-belief.

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Dream Stories

Purposefully designed to help reinforce a positive mindset as they drift off to sleep listening to our soothing dream stories.

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Inspiring Children Through
Empowering Stories


An assortment of whimsical digital, audio and dream stories designed to entertain and delight young children while helping them build a “can – do” mindset. Helping your child to unleash the power within.

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Love From Happy Parents.

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Research has found...

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“The behaviors, beliefs and attitudes we observe in our parents become “hardwired” as synaptic pathways in our subconscious minds.”

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“New research is emphasizing the importance of good parenting in the development of the brain- the growing brain of a young child is directly impacted by their environment.”

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Dr's. Fox, S., Levitt, P., & Nelson

Early life events can exert a powerful influence on both the pattern of brain architecture and behavioral development.