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What is
Limitless Children?

The 1st platform that helps children build positive beliefs from the start. Our fun, engaging content gives parents a simple but powerful way of raising children to have a mindset that helps them choose optimism, overcome negativity and develop unshakable confidence in all they are capable of.

We help parents...

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Gain Clarity

We offer simple, powerful and proven techniques that build strong positive beliefs which will support them into adulthood. We’ve removed all the “fluff” and deliver only what actually works.

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Feel Confident

You don’t have to do this all alone. Connect with other like-minded parents and learn to reinforce your child’s positive mindset with tips from our team of child psychologists, educators and parenting experts.

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Build Positive Beliefs

We are positive belief builders. It is our mission to teach a growth mindset from an early age, so parents can raise kids who grow up believing they have unlimited potential. 

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Raise Empowered Children

Our ever-growing collection of original, fun, engaging, stories are sure to inspire them to not only dream big, but believe big!

What We Stand For...

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Optimism is a skill not a trait. Mindset is everything!

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Belief Building

Let’s build our children up so they can thrive!

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Positive Impact

Making a positive impact right from the start.

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If they can dream it, and believe it, they can become it.

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Meet the Founders


Hi there, we’re Taryn and Rich Crimi, and we are the Co-founders of Limitless Children and these are our 4 energetic boys.  As it turns out, raising a human is a whole lot harder than it looks.  Like most parents, we’ve been learning a TON along the way.

Each of our boys have taught us something new.  They are all very different, with their own unique personalities which means we had to adjust how we parent each of them. We knew we wanted to instill a positive mindset and a strong sense of self confidence but we knew more about what not to do, than what to do.

We began experimenting with how to simplify these teachings so young minds could understand.  We made plenty of mistakes along the way but we’ve also learned quite a bit about what works really well to help them form strong beliefs about themselves, and we wanted to share what we learned with as many other families as possible.

Why We Created Limitless?

After spending years working with people from all around the world, listening to their dreams and their problems, there was one thing in particular that amazed me. Everyone wanted the same main things in life and they were all suffering from the same exact challenge. “How to let go of limiting beliefs which rooted from early childhood?” Basically – they were all trying to figure out how to get out of their own way.

We each pick up negative beliefs about ourselves and we carry them around for years, allowing them to limit us from reaching our true potential. I always found myself thinking, “if only I could have spoken to you when you were a little child, before you picked up all these negative beliefs, imagine how much better life could be.” But, how do you teach this so simply that a young child can understand it? It just wasn’t done before in a clear step by step path, and that’s what we set out to create.

We want nothing more than to offer not only our own children a limitless mindset, but to share these concepts with millions of families all around the world.

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Perfect Synchronicity

Have you ever had a dream so big, you couldn’t even conceive of how it could possibly ever come true? That’s what Limitless Children was for us.

We had just left stable jobs to relocate our family to a new state to build a life on our terms. We didn’t have much figured out, but we believed that everything would somehow work out. Well, sometimes things need to completely fall apart, before they can come back together better than ever. And that’s just what happened, it all fell apart.

One day, we decided to drive to the very top of a beautiful neighborhood, atop a beautiful mountain and we looked out at the incredible view. We dreamt about what we really wanted in life. We took a picture of that view that day as we wondered about what kinds of people live up there?

Life sure has a funny way of working out.

About 2 years later, life had really started to turn around in a good way, things were finally getting better. We were introduced to a couple that soon became our very closest friends. It was like we knew each other our whole life.  Come to find out, they were the very people who lived at THE house that we sat in front of and dreamed of what we wanted to achieve.

As our friendship deepened, we learned about each other’s values, beliefs and areas of expertise, and it became clear that they were the perfect partners with whom to form our dream business with.

And Limitless Children became more than a dream, it became a reality. Each and every one of us has the power to manifest anything we desire. We just need to believe it’s possible, trust in our potential and keep moving forward. It took us decades to learn that, and our mission is to raise a generation of children that know it from the very beginning.

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The Team

Taryn Crimi of limitless children
aka The Visionary

A leading personal development expert, wife and mom to 4 young boys; Taryn is joyfully flexing the power she knows we all have to create the life of our dreams. She is an expert in creating positive transformation. Taryn has helped thousands of people improve their mindset and overcome unwanted behaviors.  Her passion for working with children ignited into purpose after seeing how receptive her own boys were to building positive beliefs at a young age.

Taryn has an uncanny ability to inspire anyone to feel like anything is possible.

Richard Crimi of Limitless children

Richard Crimi


aka The Peace Keeper

Richard brings order and organization to Limitless Children—and to the home he shares with cofounder Taryn and their 4 energetic boys. Richard gained deep insight into the many challenges we humans face while serving as a police officer for 14 years, where his quick thinking, calm demeanor and empathetic nature enabled him to reassure and talk people down when they were feeling vulnerable. A skier, golfer and family man who loves teaching and helping others find solutions, Richard shares his wife’s desire to be a positive resource for fellow parents. 

Richard remains calm in the midst of chaos and has the patience of a saint.

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