May 2, 2022

How Children Form Beliefs

Boy pretending to be a pilot believing in himself

Where Do Our Beliefs Come From?

Our foundational beliefs about who we are, what we are capable of and how people respond to us are all formed by the young age of 7. These foundational beliefs are the framework we all use to begin shaping our responses and perspectives of the world around us.

Children, from the moment they are born are in a constant state of observing and absorbing as much information as possible. They remain in delta brain waves until they are around 2 years old. At around 2 years old, children spend the majority of their day in what’s called Theta brainwaves. This is the state of mind that adults achieve when they are in deep meditation, hypnosis, or drifting off to sleep.

Family mindful Meditating on the couch

This means that children 2-7 years old are spending the majority of their day, absorbing massive amounts of information that becomes the framework for their belief systems.

The people, environments and behaviors that they observe all begin to become engrained in their mind as the foundational belief systems they will use to view the world as they grow.

Offering young children the opportunity to absorb and discover as many positive beliefs about themselves, form healthy habits, and form a positive mindset at a young age is the very best gift you could give a child.

At Limitless Children, we have made it our mission to help as many children as possible to form positive beliefs from a young age so they can grow up believing in their limitless potential.

Make-Believe That Builds Self-Belief:

Girl trusting parent while playing

We are positive belief builders. Our fun, engaging content gives parents a simple but powerful way of empowering children to have a mindset that helps them choose optimism, overcome negativity and develop unshakeable confidence in all they are capable of.

With many different collections offered and new stories being added all the time, there is no shortage of uplifting, empowering stories for your child to listen to, read or interact with. Whether your child enjoys having the stories read to them by our narrators soothing voice, or they prefer to listen while they are peacefully playing or they want to read the stories on their own, we have something that is sure to satisfy your little one.

Our collections are all designed with a specific purpose.


Believealoo Land –

Fully narrated, illustrated stories with original music

A collection of whimsical stories about the many adventures of the Happaloos, as they discover how our perspective shapes the world we see. “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” – Wayne Dyer.

Belivealoo is a land just above the clouds not too far away, where dreams are real and the ideas are new. What seemed to be impossible, is believable and true.

The Sophie and Sebastian Collection –  

Fairytale land animation


Fully narrated, audio stories with original music and illustrated cover

Fun engaging stories that entertain and delight young children, while helping them to understand the power their thoughts have to shape their reality.

Sophie and Sebastian are the very best of friends. Each story takes place in a new place as they discover their limitless potential is held within their own mind. Your child, along with Sophie and Sebastian will discover the power they have to change their thoughts and the way that they feel. Where will they end up, where will they go? What will they see? What will they know? Find out!

Our Mindful Collection 

Fully narrated, illustrated stories with original music

little white bear reading a book on the floor illustration

A carefully orchestrated collection of adorable stories that share powerful messages to uplift and inspire your child. Helping nurture your children’s positive beliefs, mindset, and self-esteem as they discover the world is a place filled with wonder and opportunity .

Each story follows a different lovable character as they encounter different challenges, curiosities and obstacles while learning how to resolve the challenge in an adorable, yet well received way.


Dream Story Collection 

Fully narrated, audio stories with original music and illustrated cover

Sleeping sea animals on the ocean's floor illustration

Whether you want to read these stories to your little one as they snuggle into bed, or if they prefer to listen to them as they drift off to sleep, our purposeful dream stories are meant to help reinforce all the empowering messages your little one listened to during the day.

Set in tranquil environments with peaceful music, and soothing narrated stories, this collection is so comforting you just might want to use them for yourself.

You can create a playlist that you hand select or you can choose your playlist by topics that you feel your little one could really benefit from that day.  Either way – we have you covered. Drifting off to sleep should be a peaceful state, filled with happy thoughts and good intentions.

Falling asleep peacefully helps children stay asleep longer and wake up less in the middle of the night. Our stories help them feel encouraged and happy when they awake in the morning.

Our collections can be used as bed time stories, or to play in the background as they peacefully play.

Limitless child and baby sleeping

“How much easier would it be to be nurtured from the beginning of life so that you can reach your genetic and creative potential? How much better to become a conscious parent so that your children and their children will be conscious parents, making reprogramming unnecessary and making for a happier more peaceful planet!” – Dr. Bruce Lipton.

Taryn Crimi

Taryn Crimi

Taryn is an international intuitive, focused on helping to empower you manifest your best life!

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