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We’re rewriting the narrative with empowering, fun, engaging stories to help uplift and inspire children to believe in their limitless potential.

Builds Self Belief
Self Belief Artwork

Make-Believe That Builds Self-Belief

An assortment of whimsical digital stories designed to entertain and delight young children ages 0-7, while helping them build a “can – do” mindset. Instilling positive belief systems in children early through storytelling, so they don’t have to heal from limiting beliefs the hard way as adults is what we do best.,

Daytime Stories

Daytime Stories

We’ve been called “A modern Dr. Suess with a positive mindset”

Perfectly designed stories that capture the hearts and minds of young children with whimsical tales that rhyme, while offering them empowering messages that build self-belief through the power of make believe.

All of our daytime stories have original composed music that bring each story to life.  Your child will fall in love with the soothing voices that narrate each story. Children can listen to the stories while they quietly play, ride in the car, rest or get ready for bed. 

They’re so enjoyable – you might just find yourself wanting to listen to them too!

Nighttime Stories

“Sleep stories with a purpose”

Our “Dream Stories”, are designed to not only help your child peacefully drift off to sleep, but to
reinforce the empowering lessons and messages taught in our daytime stories while your child is most receptive.

With soothing tones and soft music that plays quietly in the background while a peaceful story is read aloud, we’ve found that not only do young children enjoy them, but older children love them as well.

Night Time Stories

Our Stories

Sophie & Sebastian

Fun, engaging stories that entertain and delight young children, while helping them to understand the power their thoughts have to shape their reality.

Sophie and Sebastian are the very best of friends.They go on many adventures, the fun never ends. In each story they discover their limitless potential is held within their own mind.

We hold the power to choose our thoughts, and that impacts how we feel and what we perceive.

Where will they end up, where will they go? What will they see? What will they know? Find out!

* Illustrated Cover Images, Audio Stories

Believealoo Land

"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change"

“In between the clouds, not so far away
You’ll find Believealoo Land, where the Happaloos play
Where dreams are real and the ideas are new
What seemed to be impossible, is believable and true”

A collection of stories that demonstrate the power of an altered perspective. This whimsical world takes place in Believealoo Land, just above the clouds filled with opportunities if you know “how” to look. The Happaloos and Gloomindoomers explore many adventures together – with very different perspectives.

*Fully Illustrated Stories

Mindful Stories

A carefully orchestrated collection of fun, engaging stories that capture their hearts and minds while conveying the limitless power their minds hold. Helping nurture your child’s self-esteem, positive mindset and unique gifts.

Each story follows a different lovable animal character as they encounter different challenges, curiosities and obstacles, while learning how to resolve the challenge in an adorable yet well received way. 

How long does a dream take to come true? Why blend in, when you were born to shine? Where does happiness really come from? Find out!

*Fully Illustrated Stories

Dream Stories

“Sleep stories with a purpose”

A collection of incredibly soothing, peaceful stories designed to help your child slowly drift off to sleep while reinforcing valuable lessons about the power they hold within.

Utilizing this receptive time as your child falls asleep is essential; not only because it sets the tone for the sleep they will have that night, but also allows them to absorb empowering, positive messages while they drift off to sleep.

With original music and a warm soothing voice, the narrator gently reads the story, meant to help one drift off to sleep in the most peaceful frame of mind. They are so soothing you might find yourself using them too!

*Illustrated Cover Images, Audio Stories