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Children become what they believe. We help children ages 0-7 form positive foundational beliefs by using the power of make believe to build self-belief.

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Designed by experts, enjoyed by children

We offer fun, engaging content for children with a powerful intent; while supporting parents within an online community of like-minded parents who are discovering how to reinforce a child’s positive mindset with tips from our team of parenting experts.

Daytime Stories

We’ve been called “A modern Dr. Suess with a positive mindset”

Perfectly designed stories that will be sure to capture the hearts and minds of young children with whimsical tales that rhyme, while offering them empowering messages that build self belief through the power of make-believe.

Our daytime collections can be listened to while children quietly play, ride in the car, or get ready for bed. Or they may prefer to sit and watch the stories on a tablet or device to watch the illustrated story. All of our daytime stories have original composed music that brings our stories to life, with soothing voices reading the story aloud that your child is sure to fall in love with. 

They’re so enjoyable – you might just find yourself wanting to listen to them too!

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Dream Stories

“Sleep stories with a purpose”

Our “Dream Stories” as we like to call them, are designed to not only help your child peacefully drift off to sleep but to reinforce the empowering lessons and messages taught in our daytime stories while your child is most receptive.

With Soothing tones, and soft music that plays quietly in the background while a peaceful story is read aloud we’ve found that not only do young children enjoy them, but older children prefer them as well.

Parenting Masterclasses

Let’s face it, parenting can be complicated. We want to give every child the foundation they can use to grow up and be happy, successful people, but it’s not always quite that simple. We’ve worked with a team of experts to create a proven step by step process that gets real results – in the real world.

We believe parenting isn’t a “one size fits all kind of thing”; so we offer the live support and guidance to help you put these steps into action. You don’t have to do this alone.

Access our continually growing collection of positive parenting masterclasses to help you raise a confident, successful child who grows up knowing the incredible power they hold within.

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Original Music

Our award winning composers have carefully designed soothing music that helps children absorb the material in the most effective ways using sounds calibrated to the ideal hz for helping a child tune to the ideal state of mind.

You can choose...

Choose from a variety of story playlists that have been carefully curated based on key topics you want your child to explore. (topics like: building self confidence, healing, the power of positive thought, gratitude, peaceful dreams, having a bad day, when things don’t go your way.)

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